Visit 4 Prestigious Wineries of DO Penedès accompanied by Curator and Sommelier Paddy Mannion

Our Wine Club 4 Winery Tour, is designed for the experienced wine enthusiast who already has a firm grasp of wine making technique and wishes to learn about the great happening wines emerging from the Catalan wine regions. The Wineries and wine-makers you will meet on this tour produce wines only from their own vineyards, often less than 6,000 bottles

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Tasting Cavas at Mas Tinell

D.O.Penedès is the most innovative wine region of Spain, first to produce Cava sparkling wines and petillant wines, first to cultivate Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlots, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay, and the first region to produce organic wines and brotitis dessert wines.

We are friends with all of the most creative wine-makers and small wineries producing excellent and original wine styles and we look foward to introducing you and your friends to them and to the best of this beautiful wine country.

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Tasting at Cavas Ferret Winery

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Each visitor will receive a wine appreciation and information pack listing all the wineries and all the varieties grown in the region, a certificate of participation and appreciation from El Molí Tours.

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Tasting Cavas & Wines at Pares Balta Winery

If you are a Wine Professional, you may be interested in concentrating your efforts on certain styles and categories of products and El Molí Tours is more than delighted to facilitate you to this end.

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Bringing wine into the US
If you wish to purchase and transport wine outside of Europe we can help with wine luggage, contact details of Importers and distributors in your country of origin, customs and shipping information.

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