Rovellats Cavas

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Rovellats has a long and distinguished reputation as one of the Quality Cava makers of Penedès, The historic winery is situated about 4 kms from Vilafranca, close to the river Foix . A full visit could take all day as the buildings originally formed a village of some 50 families. The extensive gardens and buildings are modelled in the Modernist style and make a great location for weddings and events. Tastings are served in the magnificent main hall where there is an extensive collection of antique glasswear and dozens of impressive original advertising posters from the beginning of the last century.

La Bleda is a very quiet town with an Agricultural Centre which serves refreshments and simple meals prepared on a large wood burning grill.
For more elaborate fare it's a short journey to Sant Marti Sarroca where there are about 5 restaurants. The area to the South along the mountains towards els Conillers, Castellvi de la Marça and la Munia is perfect for easy, safe walking and cycling on quite roads.