Human Towers with Felix Miret

the best team building activity in Catalunya.

Human Towers in the gardens of Albet i Noya, Sant Pau d'Ordal

Human Towers is a multiskilled team of experts specialising in "castellers" human towers, communication, human resources, music and new technologies who believe in the value of human towers as a powerful tool for enhancing relations among teams of professionals, be it in the ambit of sports, tourism, public or business.

We tailor our products to your needs and help you enhance your organisational processes, teamwork capacity and group dynamics while you discover the incredible tradition of human towers. We can offer you products and services including consulting, training and leisure in which we underline “Creating towers”, a participative training and team-improvement activity based on the art of building human towers, a unique activity originating in Catalunya.

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Felix the more

We can also offer you :
-Coaching services in human resource management conceived to help you enhance your screening, training and team improvement processes. Coaching services in the use of virtual spaces as a tool to enhance teamwork capacity. We do this because we enjoy assisting people and groups to enhance their teamwork capacity while sharing our passion for human towers.

The training methods we use are practical and participative. Our activity is used as an organisational metaphor to help you reach desired professional goals.

Pursued goals with the Human Towers activity

A- Develop team abilities

B- Offer a tool to facilitate communication and “break the ice” within the group

C- Contributing to the dissemination of the human towers tradition

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The Human Towers activity

Who can take part in the activity?
Companies, professional groups, sports teams, students…are some of our clients. We adapt our activity to every client’s needs to be able to convey the best values to the client.

Where can we develop the activity?
We have developed activities aboard an ocean liners, in the desert, on the roof of a building, in hotels, as well as more traditional settings such as wineries, beaches, parks….

How many people are required?
Our experience is based on groups of people ranging from fifteen up to two hundred. Let us know if you are thinking of larger groups.

Is Human Towers a safe activity?
Teamtowers activity is completely safe and it allows your group to learn about and build human towers, free of any risk. Our human towering experts (Castècnics) guarantee the safety of participants at all times.

How long does it take?
We recommend that the activity lasts between one and three hours depending on the client’s needs and goals.

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We have already conducted the activity in English, German, French, Spanish and of course Catalan

Why should you do this activity?
Because it will help you break the ice and build a group; because it is a unique and unforgettable experience and because you will use it as a metaphor for multiple training, social and leisure goals.

Activity pictures

We put the wide belt on!
We provide a complete “casteller” kit for each participant as well as all teaching material to provide a quality and safe activity.

Train with the team
We explain the tasks and roles, abilities and structures as well as the necessary techniques and know-how to build up human towers.
We select and train the team leader to enable him/her to choose the right people for each task.

Forming the base
We provide you the training so that you can organise a dense base on your own. This will help you at the time of building a solid and stable human tower. Communication and concentration will be the key to success.

Climbing and descending
Learning how to climb, to descend and to hold up the “trunk” of the tower are some of the abilities that some of you will be successful at. Being fast and fine at the same time, while we project our weight towards the tower’s centre of gravity.
These are some of the ways to excel in the art of building human towers.

Building up a human tower
Balance, flexibility and commitment are the features we work on while we build up the tower’s “trunk”.

Crowning the tower
Finally, we succeed in crowning the human tower. Initiative and confidence will be required; this is the moment of the team’s full achievement.

Celebrating the accomplished goal
Once everyone in the tower is safely down again, we celebrate the accomplished goal.

Team picture
Human Towers activity is a an unforgettable souvenir which we immortalize.

Ask us for prices for the best merchandising for the activity.

If you would like us to prepare a proposal for you, let us know about your group, about your needs and goals.
We will be delighted to tailor our activity accordingly and develop it to help you build Your Own Human Tower.

Fèlix Miret (Production). Expert in human towers, team training and activity organisation with over twenty-five years of experience in this type of unique activity in the world. Felix is the specialist of the Pillar of the Castellers de Vilafranca, he has trained over two thousand people from more than twenty countries in the art of human towers.