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Penedès Greenways

Penedès Greenways is a proposal to maximise the potential of the bike and the natural resources of Penedès County, to facilite sustainable mobility, to create safe logistic structures that encourage local and visitor circulation and a large etc of health, social and economic benefits.

This is a working document that hopes to define existing and potential Quiet ways and Green Ways,
Structural requirements/Costs,
Funding & Financing Mix

You are invited to contribute comments, suggestions, objection and support

Cheers and all the best
Paddy Mannion

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What is a Greenway?

greenway is a stand alone route for non-motorised traffic, developed with the following objectives: to integrate facilities & increase environmental value and quality of life. Greenways encompass the following characteristics: suitability of width, slope & surface to allow secure appropriate use for a wide range of users including mobility impaired people. Greenways are often located on old railways, on towpaths, Roman roadway or old pilgrimage ways (Declaration of Lille, September 2000)

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Penedès enjoys excellent logistics: 6 train stations, A7 Motorway, N340, C15(C244),

Now it needs Greenways.

Penedès Greenway, Why?

A greenway is an essential element in a local and intercounty logistic network, and is equally important as any of the other elements in that network such as Motorways, secondary roads, train and bus services

A Greenway guarantees safety

Greenways are respected and recognised in European countries and around the world.

Greenways are sustainable mobility epitomised

Greenways attract green tourism

A Greenway will have a positive economic effect on Penedès

Greenways reinforce the organic/ecological image of the wines, cavas and products of Penedès and Barcelona

All the resources to create a Green way are available, historic paths, rural roads,

The average distances between towns and principal logistic points of Penedès is between 5 and 15 km and therefore ideal for walking and cycling

Penedès needs to prepare for future growth in tourism and demografics

Greens improve social wellbeing

A potential market of 1.600.000 users per year (Vies Verdes de Girona, 2010).

There are few greenways in Catalunya and green way in Penedès will be the closest to Barcelona city.

Penedès needs to create a green corridor to connect with the European Green network

Greenways will go someway to rectify previous planning errors which focused on car users.

Screen Shot Counter
Counter systems, photos courtesy of Girona greenways

Actions required

Creation of Penedès Greenway Association

Audit lanes, historic paths and best options

Calculate investments

Study users and counters

Consolidate and plan calendar of Green events

Create Web

Create Bike Centers in Sant Sadurni, Subirats, Vilafranca del Penedes

Create Bike Parkings "Bicibox" at Penedès train stations

Develop and signpost local itineries

Involve youth and schools in sustainable mobility and safety awareness

Training courses for guides and monitors

Create municipal and county biking system

Plan for intercounty Greenways,
Barcelona - Penedès,
Penedès - Tarragona & la Conca del Barbera

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Paddy Mannion, Penedès 2012