Jean Leon, Wine and legend

The story of Jean Leon goes from Transatlantic stowaway and illegal imigrant to delivering noodles to Marilyn Monroe in a Rolls Royce and serving several Presidents of the United States. You can discover more about Man and his wines at the Jean Leon winery, a stunning range of high expression brews where old world meets new in the depths of Penedès, at el Pla del Penedès.

a little more about Jean Leon
Leon the King
Shootout at the George
15 Jean Leons

To visit his vineyards in Penedès, Jean Leon would take a plane to Orly airport and spend days driving through France and over the Pyrenees. El Moli Tours are chauffered tour suppliers and activity providers. We provide services from Barcelona city or from Vilafranca. If you come to Penedès to visit Jean Leon's winery, we highly recommend you enjoy some extra Quality time in this beautiful neck of the woods.

El Moli Tour services, Prices & Options

Rent a bike
includes: bicycle, helmet, water, maps, delivery/collection
Price 25 euros

Small group guided bike tours half/full day
includes: bicycle, helmet, water, maps, guide, transport in Penedes, winery and cultural visits, gourmet lunch
Half/full day prices from 75/125 euros p.p.

Driver Guided Tours
Wine Tours accompanied by sommelier Paddy Mannion, Mercedes Viano transport, winery and cultural visits, gourmet lunch*
Half/full day prices from 85/150 euros p.p.

Barcelona Transfers 60 euros p.p.
A la Carté lunch 30 euros p.p.
Comprehensive wine tastings 30 euros p.p.

Routes to get into and to get to know Penedès
To facilite Sustainable Mobility, El Moli Tours provide services at the train stations of Lavern/Subirats and Vilafranca del Penedès and at the wineries of your choice. Once into Penedès you could spend months following all the routes we have prepared

Popular weekend half day bike & wine tours
includes: bicycle, helmet, water, winery visit & taste
Saturdays, EcoSubirats
Sundays, The Green Ways of Torrelles & Sant Marti Sarroca

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