Friends, Green Investors, Sponsors

Invest in Penedès Greenways

a multiple investment

100% economic development
100% communications
100% relations
100% green
100% sustainable
100% healthy
100% Penedès
100% responsable
100% ecologic
100% pacific
100% more visitors

990% profitable

Bikeband, lets get together and put together consensus, energies and attractions

We need friends, Green Investors and Sponsors to promote sustainable mobility in the wine region of Penedès, Barcelona, Spain

a Greenway will bring 100.000 visitors anually to Penedès and probably 1.600.000 in 10 years

50% of the cost of this project will be supported by the European, National and Regional administrations,
the rest is up to people like you.

We are looking for Green Investors for:

90 kilometers of Greenway developement

2/3 Bike Centres

6 Bike Parkings

Municipal and Regional Bike sharing systems


Picnic and interpretation areas

Management & Maintainance

Become a friend on our Facebook page of photos and feedback from friends and ambassadors

Send a mail and we will include your name on the Greenway site
[email protected]

Counters keep track of traffic

Green Investors Meters and Kilometers

Adopt a meter or kilometer of Penedès Greenway and You will receive:

1. Your name and company image on banners, signposting, picnic spots, and events

2. A groovy T shirt and Cap telling the world you are a
Penedès Green Investor

3. An invitation to the annual "Penedès Greenway Day" Bike Cava and Wine ride.

4. Annual Traffic report on annual circulation

5. Certificate to offset your CO2 footprint

1 meter x 100.000 uses = 100 kms of contamination free travel
(we expect 1 million users a year in 10 years, equivalent to an accumulated

Want to participate? Make a pledge

Cost per meter 200 euros for 10 years

We need about 15.000 Green Inversors

Sponsor a Bike Centre (like El Moli)


Management and promocion

20/50 bikes

Generate 2/3 jobs

Annual Cost 65,000 euros

Potential Bike Centres at main train stations, Sant Sadurni, Subirats, Vilafranca

Sponsorship from 10.000 euros

Phoenix Park Bike Hire

Syl from Modesto at Lavern-Subirats train station and bike centre

Sponsor Teams of Bikes


Bikes and accessories with your corporate identity

Management, promotion and maintainance

Teams of 10/20/30 bikes

Generate 2 jobs

Sponsor from 5.000 euros

Sponsor BikeParkings

Automatic parking modules for 30 bikes with excellent visibility for advertising at train stations and town centers

Management, promotion and maintainance

Generate 2 jobs

Sponsor a bike parking from 10.000 euros

Sponsor Greenway Events

"Bike events, trials, races, school activities

Sponsor from 1.000 euros

Sponsor Municipal Biking systems Sant Sadurni d'Anoia and Vilafranca del Penedès

Management, promotion and maintainance

Generate 2/10 jobs

Sponsor from 1.000 euros

Sustainable mobility means

Greenways between towns of Penedès

Locals and visitors using bikes

BiciBox / BiciParks at 6 train stations Penedès

Good clear signposting

Penedès DO Bicycle

Bike and Excursionist centres with calendar of local events and competitions

Bicing System Penedès

Penedès Bike School

Bike parking at Schools

Greenways between Penedès and Barcelona, Montblanc, Tarragona, Vilanova...

Mas Comtal, organic winery on the Roman Via Agusta

Actions make Penedès Greener and more attractive

Establish a Plan to reduce CO2, with sustainable mobility and social responsability

Use bikes to go to work, get around town, visit friends

Participate as a friend and Sponsor of activities organised by Bicing Penedès and Penedès Greenways

El Molí Bike Centre, just another small step in the right direction

The Green Way to Heaven needs Angels.
Sponsor a meter of Penedès Greeway

For just €200,
you get a T-shirt saying I’m a Green Way Angel,
and an invitation to join ‘the Great Green Wine Ride’ which involves
bicycles, the Penedès Green Way, cava and wine, and a chunk of the beautiful life, so its all good.
You also get a certificate of Membership to frame and put in a prominent place on your wall,
and an annual Green Credit Certificate showing how much
CO2 you’ve offset by your own efforts.
and possibly tax deductable

Join us on a mission to create a new green heaven.
It’s entirely serious, but we promise we won’t make it feel anything like that.

Please note
The Greenways of Penedès is just a good idea,
and is not an official entity, yet.

We appreciate your pledges and support


Paddy Mannion
Vies Verdes Vinicoles del Penedès
Bicing Penedes
El Molí Tours

El Molí Tours es un proveïdor de turisme de qualitat i soci de les Rutes del Vi i del Cava, DO Penedès