Wine Flies from Spain to the US

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Wine Ambassadors fly from Spain to USA & Canada

Our North American wine enthusiasts ask:
Do you ship?
How can I transport wine?
How much wine can I bring home?
Can I get a discount?
Where can I buy the wines in the US?

Shipping is most expensive via post office, DHL or UPS.
With some exceptions, visitors from the US can bring home as many bottles of wine as they can carry.
Best method is to purchase a dedicated case or an inexpensive trolleybag which will hold 6 or 12 bottles.
Wineries use these combined with polystyrene packaging to take samples to exhibitions & fairs.

Transport wine in style with Ladevine cases for 5 bottles

You may be able to reclaim the iva sales tax at the airport before departing.

Get a receipt as proof of purchaces for US Customs.
Declare 2 bottles or more, Customs will probably wave you on as the duty is quite low.
Wineries should give you US importers, distributors, shops and restaurant information to order online when you get home.

Wine Shipping Importing wines for personal consumption

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Bring Wine into the US

Bringing wine into the US

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