Who's afraid of the big Merlot

is the title of our tastings dedicated to this variety during June
After 21 years of development the red wines and particularly the Merlots of Penedès deserve a big party.
A hundred years after philoxera, Catalunya returned to its red wine making traditions thanks to the efforts of pioneers/visionaries such as Joan Mila.
Penedès and Merlot were made for each other. Its aromas of forest fruit and dark berries, magnificent dark colour and hearty body with flavours of perfectly ripe cherries and spice.
Today the Merlots of this region feature amoung the winners of prestigeous awards in London, Brussels, Montreal and Tokio.
Over the next month we plan an in-depth review of this great wine, it’s recent history, the enologists, young and aged brews, favourite areas and brands.
Starting the 1st and thereafter every friday until the end of June we will be uncorking and getting stuck into a lot of very good wines.
Beware of hairy old wolves lurking around in search of fresh forest fruit...

Merlot for the body
Cabernet for the nose
A blend of the two for quality

és el títol del cicle de tasts de vins dedicat a aquesta varietat tant sorprenent.
En pocs anys ha aconseguit un gran èxit a l'Alt Penedès i a Calalunya,
i ha ajudat que els vins negres d'aquesta zona estiguin cada vegada més respectats en tot el món.
Amb la col.laboració de "El Molí", Can Festís, Joan Milà i la revista anglès Barcelona Business, celebrarem el "coming of age" (21é aniversari) del
Merlot, aprofundint en els nostres coneixaments i en els dels demés sobre l'història, joves i criances, zones i marques, productors i enòlegs d'aquest gran vi.

Us convidem a participar amb nosaltres a una de les sessions de tast que celebrem a Can Festís entre divendres 1, divendres 8, divendres 15 i divendres22
de juny.

Paddy Mannion