Summer wines.

Racing the generous streets around St Stephens Green at this time of the year the eyes would only leave the tarmac to get a longer shot of the lady in white satin. The event announced the beginning of summer, free concerts in the park, dreams of romance and tennis in Herbert Park. A very good friend and I would escape to this oasis with a bottle of fine white wine which we would leave standing at the net. Back then the best inexpensive white wine in Dublin was a Frascati with its wonderful fat bottle and lime tinted fresh liquid.
The hot weather is with us again and I have a mind to give you a generous list of refreshing wines to accompany those romantic, culinary and sporting moments throughout the summer. The traditional white wines of Catalunya have been joined by cousins from the north who have moved in for the long term. Expect monovarietals and fusions galore of all your favourite varieties. If you’re determined to pay no more than 5/6 euros, read on.

White wines: Roses Vila, Macabeo, the most fruity native, superbly fresh and ecologic. Rovellat traditional, high quality expressive. Gramona, Gessami, stunning multi-fusion, high boutique and narcissistic. 1+1=3, Xarel.lo, dry, for those who lean to learn. Jean Leon Terrasola whites, Catalan internationals. La Xarmada, Moscat, intriguingly delicious dessert. Vega de Ribes & Cal Costa, 2 mighty rare Sauvignon Blancs. Torres Milmander, a well established family favourite with a touch of Prussia. Pinord, La Nansa, lightly naturally bubbly. Fish cry for it. Can Feixes, Blanc Selecció, they will soon be choosing their customers.
Rose wines: Mas Comtal, first Merlot for everyday and winning prizes every year.
Can Rafols del Caus, taste the marine fossils and Mediterranean breezes.
…and some fresh Cavas, naturally: Colet, A Priori, it’s, slightly exotic and very good. Nadal, you should always have one in the fridge, not just at Christmas. Jaume Giro Giro, Pinot Noir/Trepat, masterly fusion with tanks of youth. Pere Ventura, Llagrima d’Or, natural traditional classic.

Romantic rural accommodation in Penedès
With the presence of multinationals in and around Barcelona its only a matter of time before their directors discover the delights of Catalunya and stray from the fold, a bit like classic wine varieties. Rainer and Ariane, from Hamburg and Köln did the corporate run around Europe before heading for the depths of Penedès. In the last six months they have reconditioned a large masia with 6 attractive en-suite bedrooms. Inside the house there is plenty of cool airy living space and outside the garden is more than taking shape around an inviting new swimmingpool. Breakfast comes included with accommodation. Lunch, Dinner and indeed midnight feasts can be arranged if you are feeling like hibernating, though our hosts are very helpful at pointing out local vinicular and culinary delights. de Can Coral is ideally located if you are exploring South Catalunya, being close to the old pilgrim route from Barcelona to Alt Camp, Conca de Barbera and the Cistercian Monestaries.
The most expensive of the attractive suites is 65 euros. You can contact Ariane and Rainer at
tel: 93 897 15 79 [email protected] mobile: 670 068 395