Southern Catalunya

Welcome to paradise... Southern Catalunya
Bored? try our wild boar civet
An Economic backwater of Spain and Catalunya for the last 60 years
Observe the slow long decline of a Innovative region
Frontier country
North of Morella
between Valencia, Tarragona and Zaragoza, Catalunya and Aragon

Southern Catalunya - Conca de Barbera
40 years ago a man was considered lucky to have a bicycle and the horse and mule ruled the fields and lanes. Speed was an unknown word. Today we are witnesses to the death of the last “Pages” and a totally natural sustainable lifestyle.
Pick up a packet of walnuts or almonds in a supermarket in Barcelona, nice light tan, consistent size and flavour, no surprise it comes from California. Head south of Barcelona and there are hundreds of varieties of olive, nut and grape. Appreciate the wealth of flavour and means of using it, Panalettes, Turron, sauses and salads. The Christmas cake and plum pudding we stuffed ourselves with for most of your life originated in these hills and valleys
Reus, in Baix Camp (Tarragona) grain store of the Mediterranian since Roman times and until not very long ago the centre of the world commodity market for dried fruit and nuts. The Vall del Corb close to Vallbona de les Monges was an intricate micro economy with over 50 olive and wheat mills.
With the introduction of electricity what was for centuries fell into decay and depopulated. After the terrible battle of the Ebro and For the length of Franco’s reign this wasn’t a distination for investment. Industry was concentrated in the Pyrenees and Barcelona and everywhere south and to the east of Tarragona depopulated
and flight to the city

Our old neighbours Caritat, Josep and Nati of La Torre had an understanding of life as it hadn’t changed for hundreds of years.
Philoxera The first dot .com rise and bust of the wine industry. 10 years of planting and expanding vineyards to fill demand from France followed by a 10 year depression.
The land of monastic scolars copying and translating arabic manuscripts.
Iberians, Phoenicans, Greeks, Romans and now Arabic and European...
The Berber names of many towns of Catalunya La Munia, Moja A hundred years from now there will be Mannions and Lismonds?
Taste the difference
Ivan in castlebar observes lettuce from holland strawberries from Spain, Aubergines from California, Restaurants from Italy, Spain and China, Russian waiters and laments the disappearance of the deasant flowery potatoe.
The best alterwines still originite in Southern Catalunya
The 14 and up to 16 ºC alcohol wines kept armies and sailors on their feet from the Mediterranean to the Americas