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A creative workshop

The Association of Musicians of Jazz and Modern Music of Catalunya and Can Festís organised the SIMBIOTITZ-ART workshop for the second year. SIMBIOTITZ-ART is an artistic workshop aimed at improving creativity and experimentation, a framework within which the most innovative ideas are developed with other interested artists. SIMBIOTITZ-ART took place for three days at Can Festís , a rural winefarm in the vicinity of Sant Pere de Riudebittles, in Alt Penedes. During the day there were different workshops and each night the results of these were presented. The artistic directors are Gorka Benitez and Juan de Diego. All of the activities were open to the general public.
SIMBIOTITZ-ART is a multi-disciplinary get together, with artists from different ambits and disciplines: dancers, actors, musicians, plastic and audiovisual artists etc…all with the desire to experiment and discover new methods of communication. The name of the workshop reflects the spirit of bringing together different media and at the same time offering the necessary support and participation, in short an artistic symbiosis. The development of new forms of expression may have immediate or long term consequences, but what is sure, is that the activity acts as a catalyst for new projects. This, the second year, there were artists participating from Catalunya, Spain and abroad.
The weekend concluded with a final concert on Sunday night of all the new work including an especially evocative piece by Stefan Lismond in which he employed his entire range of kitchenware and falsetto chopping style.
Three nights of getting home after three in morning are testimony to the quality. I enjoy Can Festis, add large numbers of high level musical and artistic craft, and it becomes Woodstock without the audience.

Getting out of Barcelona the back way on bike with a cool welcome to Penedès (Cavas Montau de Sadurni.
Hill climbing and working up a perspiration is rapidly going out of fashion. Decaf-cycling is in.
However, if you decided to cycle out of Barcelona to Penedès you would have no trouble getting papal dispensation to miss the ride up to Begas. This virtual Calvary is a fine way to loose several kilos of liquid bodyweight.
Begas, is a town of tended gardens and two storey red bricks is like home. It will come as a surprise after all these years in the Counts Town that such a well nursed suburban landscape could possibly exist. It’s definitely more more English than American in atmosphere as all the rose bushes are inside garden walls and there is more than one white painted conservatory.
I can only guess that like Gelida and bits of Sitges, this was where the up town burgesses of Barcelona rested from Sant Juans day until it was time to go back to school.
The other nice thing about Begas is salvation, in the form of a very fine old wine house, Cavas Montau de Sadurni. As you approach the centre of town one of the few signs will direct you right and there at the end of the winding road you will find this charming small cava. Nearly everyone in Penedès is living on top of Roman and Iberian remains. In the caves beside the house 20 people are excavating a site that dates back to the Neolithic and Paleolitic. 1796 and 1683 are dates in the stone over the door, the keys carved above them refer to inquisition. The vines they´ve discovered date from 1500 years back.
The Brut Reserva, Arrels Montau de Sadurní is produced from the first pressings of Xarel·lo, Parellada and Macabeo. It’s wheat-yellow in colour, with older fashioned aromas of liquor. This is presented as the star of the new "Colección Gaudí" range
Their Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon Crianza 96 is also elegantly presented. Dark cherry in colour, with
ochre tinges, it’s light to the touch with good structure. American oak barrels suit the peppery strength of the Merlot.
Last but by no means the lesser star is their Oak aged Chardonnay which somehow unites all the elegant character of Bodegas Monyau de Sadurni. 12 months in American oak barrels have done nothing to quench its light freshness.
While I was visiting, the cosy restaurant was filled with very content of Nokia high command. I believe the roast lamb and mushrooms was excellent

After this refreshing retreat it will be time to resume the journey towards Olesa de Bonesvalles, and Avinyonet, on the edge of the plains of Penedès where another very fine winery awaits you.

The 500 meters of altitude between the neighbouring comarcas can also be taken care of by loading your bike on a Train from Pl Catalunya.

Kids routes
Torrelles – sant marti
El pany – pla de manlleu
Lombardes – sant quenti de mediona
3 rules
dive for the right
stick together
stop at every junction and regroup

arrive with the sax
jazz in the park
xiperones amb favetes
coctail de gambes
paella de bogovante
Tenth Fira de Turisme, Vi I Gastronomia
I wish the the best of luck

llagrimas de tardor
no 2
aromas half an hour later
jazz in the park

10 fira turisme vins I cavas I gastronomia
the waiters will be prepared as Stefan and I did a quick fix on the Davids wine presentation style
the cook she…remembered the band the year before

roses vla new young red!!!

Pimord premio

Can festis
Sant pere de riu
Jean leon
La Fabrica