Rosé Royale

In the run up to the celebration of Prince Philip and Letizia Ortiz’ wedding on 22 of May, the Palace has made it known that along with the traditional cava from Penedès, they will also be including a Rosé Cava in the banquet. The red wine will be chosen from Rioja and the white wine from Rias Baixas, Galicia. Producers in Penedès had until the 31 of March to submit samples and technical details to the Consell Regulador de Cava for a blind tasting to decide who goes to Madrid.
Rosé Cavas were quite rare up until about 10 years ago but there should be at least 60 entries for this contest. Besides increasing sales in Spain, the selected Cavas and wines will want to be prepared to capitalise on the exposure wherever there are romantic royal watchers.

The jury of wine tasters of the Consell Regulador de la Denominacion de Cava should have just concluded their deliberations over which cava will go to Madrid for the Royal wedding of Prince Philip and Letizia Ortiz. 122 white cavas and 52 rosé cavas were presented for evaluation. This leaves them about a week to notify the lucky bodega, sign confidential agreements and figure out if their labeling machinery is compatible with the labels. The labels will continue the design used in previous royal weddings with slight reduction of typeface to bring them up to date.
A total of 1000 bottles of white and 250 rosé have been ordered by the Palace and all must be ready and delivered by the10th of May.

In an effort to find out what’s available we have been tasting some Rosé Cavas ourselves and have discovered the old Trepat variety is making a fresh name for itself. We’ve come across it twice recently and must admit that it produces magnificent colour, a fetching aroma and a very balanced and tasty cava indeed. Jaume Giro Giro uses a blend of Pinot Noir and Trepat for his creation whereas La Xarmada bravely go for a brut nature 100% Trepat with stunning results. Both producers favour the more delicate clear glass over the traditional dark green cava bottle to emphasise the attractive colour.
If you visit the cellars of Jaume Giro Giro you will see an artistic/enologistic light and cava installation that fully demonstrates their passion for this new product.
La Xarmada: 93 817 12 37, [email protected]
Jaume Giro Giro: 93 891 01 65

The Chardonnays of Penedès at Chateau de Ravatys
The jury at the 11th Best Chardonnay of the World Challenge have awarded two gold medals to producers from Penedès, Bodegas Pinord and Castell de Vilarnau. Silver medal winners in this presteigous French competition included: Sumarroca, Raventos i Blanc, Parés Baltá, Rovellats and Vallformosa.

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