A mild proposal

Lets say you want a nice red for ageing. Select a corner of a promising vineyard and offer the farmer slightly over the going rate per kilo. Aim for older vines on well drained higher ground, south west facing is good but go for cool and slow maturing north orientation as well.. Using your tongue and a bit of experience you decide the best day for harvest. Since this isn’t going to the co-op you select only the best grapes, removing all unwanted vegetable matter. Break up the grapes and leave them in contact with the must for 15 to 30 days. If you can control the temperature keep it below 30 degrees throughout the fermentation and try to keep things oxygen free by using large glass bottles with air traps. If the wine has been macerating for very long you will need a barrel to oxidise it slowly or you’ll choke on the tannins. Bottle and store in a very cool place for at least half a year before dazzling your pals with Gracia Atico Negre.