Horse box wines…Els Jelipins

Last month I wrote about Qualides, a presentation of the top echelons of red wine creativity in Penedès. Behind the initiative are Gloria Garriga and Oriol Ille, Els Jelipins. After a early youth in the shackles of big city multinational marketing departments and large wine corporations the Jelipins team have broken free and brought their knowledge and flair to the services of small wine producers, advising them on cultivation, wine-making and presentation. Els Jelipins might stand out as young artists in Barcelona but they are a wind of the brave new future to wine companies located far from the crowd that are unable to reprogram their product.
Apart from their consultive roles els Jelipins are budding top notch wine makers themselves, guided by the search for personality, quality and sustainability.
The Jelipins dream
Setting up a winery has led many a dreamer to the grave bankrupt, as the costs of land at 36.000/hectacre and construction of a bodega, presses, tanks, would warp the foundations of even the best attitudes. To begin their own wine making project they chose a spot high up in the Serra de Bolet behind Font Rubi, Penedès. They work with a small farmer, choosing the varieties, vineyards and time to harvest. Their dream is filled with stories of long days picking followed by intense selection of grapes into the early hours, tanks that left no room for foot pressing and barrels that refused to get in the door.
The first Jelipins wine is a blend of Garnatxa, Cariñena and Sumoll a now rare variety. They expect to continue experimenting with other “lost varieties” to find their own taste. Their attitude to fermentation and ageing is determined by current trends which as ones who choose the greener path, they will ignore in their search for the Borolo of Penedès.
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