Can Feixes.
Nature and nurture, in balanced harmony.
On the slopes of the mountains that separate the Comarcas of Penedès
and Anoia, in the extreme north-west of Alt Penedès on the high lands
of Cabrera and Mediona, the Can Feixes estate goes quietly about its
business of respect for tradition and terroir.
At an altitude of 400 m, the vines are subject to more extreme
thermal conditions, which result in a slower ripening of the fruit. This
yields grapes of greater concentration with a more harmonious, velvety
The soil is chalk clay and quite rocky, lacking in fertility and organic
material, but with sufficient capacity to retain water. Together, climate and
soil might be seen as adverse limiting factors. In fact, they are
anything but.
The combination results in a lower yield, but of grapes with a
singular character and exceptional quality.
It also lends itself perfectly to the cultivation of the ideal varieties
of Parellada, Macabeo, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon,
Merlot and Pinot Noir. From these, and exclusively from their own
vineyards, Can Feixes produce a range of finely crafted wines and cavas.
Can Feixes is a family business with an eye to the long view.
Limited production enables them to respect their convictions about
the responsible use of land and its wider environment. The
intense care required to produce wines of the highest quality and
character may limit the scope for growth, but it accords perfectly
with the Huguet Family’s beliefs about the lands of which they act, briefly,
as stewards for generations to come.

Not long ago Josep Maria Huguet of Can Feixes, one of the most respected wineries of Penedès, asked me to tidy up their English webpage. To add the required amount of prose to their introduction I called on the services of close friend Conor Kennedy, creative director of Javelin Advertising in Dublin. Conor who applies his pen to the rarefied world of thoroughbred Irish Mares and Stallions returned with the above entrée.
During the recent holidays we both found ourselves in a Land Rover pushing our way around the intense landscape of slopes, valleys and high ground forest lanes of Can Feixes in the company of Juan Huguet, farm manager. Juan explained how red varieties, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are planted on the hills that descend from the tree line. These sloping, well drained vineyards naturally produce grapes of high concentration and in turn wines ideal for ageing. The lower vineyards retain more water and are ideal for cultivation of lighter white wine varieties destined for Cava which is labelled with the Huguet name. Then vineyards with an atypical layer of grass caught my eye. These are planted with Tempranillo, thirsty vines that normally produce thin wine in the Penedès environment. The grass and vine compete for water and the result again are grapes of higher concentration and character.
Can Feixes, 93 771 82 27

Cheers and enjoy

Paddy Mannion
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