British Society

Some of my best memories include an immersion in the slippery silt of Penedès, on some backlane the locals would never take, but which being a fan of the greener route I do with predictable consequences and subsequent adventures. The latter usually involving a tractor, a friendly farmer and another hidden away winery. It was therefore a great pleasure to be on the receiving end of the brownie points when the mechanically propelled vehicle of her majesty’s agent in Barcelona tempted fate at the Roses Vila ecological winery. Will I make it into dispatches I wonder.
An otherwise well organised group of British Society of Barcelona members were on a treasure hunt that ran along the western mountains of Penedès, visiting Castellvi de la Marca, Roses Vila winery, the castle of Sant Marti Sarroca, Torrelles de Foix and El Celler restaurant in Aiguavives. With the exception of some mild enebriation I hope they ended the day without recourse to the United Nations or alternative (Irish) international collaboration.
The Barcelona British Society welcomes new members of all persuasions, particularly those who enjoy a good adventure, contact Marion, 93 371 88 37.