The Art of Creating Your Own Cava

Tasting, blending, bottling, designing and appreciation of your own Cava

There is an old saying: "To make a small fortune out of wine you need to start with a large fortune"
If you have ever dreamt of having your own wine label and enough supplies to satisfy your dearest friends and clients, here is a once in a lifetime chance to get into the wine business without any risk to the company or family fortunes.


9.00 Collection Barcelona
10.00 Breakfast at bodega; visit museum and cellars
11.00 Tasting and selection of base wines for cava
12.00 (1st stage)Blending, bottling and laying down of cava
(2nd stage)Desgorgement, labelling & packaging
14.00 Picnic / Barbecue / Calçotada in garden of bodega
accompanied by a selection of “art cavas”
/ transfer to restaurant
17.00 Transfer to Barcelona

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