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Bristol 402, One used to park at the back entrance to Old Belvedere rugby grounds,

A 250 km drive is nothing for your favourite restaurant or speciality and perfect for blowing away the cobwebs on some old metal beast.

Seat 1400 '54 Stefan Lismond and BCN GINs contribution to grace and the modern age,
all it needs is a very graceful and beautiful lady to drive it on a warm slow afternoon in Barcelona
Montjuic Revival April 4, 5, 6
Just what the south of Europe needs a Classic car festival at a proper track. Circuit de Catalunya is a precision run organisation. I'd expect real classics, best bargains and boot sale in the surrounding parkings.

The area around Penedès is perfect for delectable Mediterranean coast routes and easy paced cruising in Southern Barcelona Wine Country. This area wins each time for uncongested roads, hospitality, choice of historic and cultural attractions.

I encourage you to enjoy the routes and attractions I recommend and check out any latest happenings on the Classic Car Scene south of Barcelona city.

Videos and History of the automobile in Penedes

History Autodrome Terramar. Glory and decay

Autodrom of Sitges Terramar 1922, record breaking and revival

The New Project
old stands for car storage, workshops, boxes, club house and café and a horse race track would fit on the inside

Rally de Sitges a l´Autòdrom Terramar 2009

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2CV at Cavas Nadal, perfect for bringing samples from the vineyard

About Classics in Spain and Barcelona
Spain is the California of Europe, no salt on the roads and very little rust. Cars are well cared for in garages and anything remotely interesting is well stashed away. The market is full of timeless practical classics but the you will some some gems.

With a budget of 1.000 - 5.000 euros and are looking at practical classics or maybe something special to discover the wonderful coast and countryside around Barcelona city, your dream is about to come true.

4 cars and a motorbike were amoung my original reasons for moving to a Farmhouse in Penedès, those, the constant search for beauty and the biological clock. Now I know that the roads of Penedès and the counties to the south of Barcelona are perfect for club drives and a little bit of tearing around, meeting up and nattering about improvements and suppliers for Classic Cars.

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Paddy's 1954 Landie

I enjoy browsing the Spanish classic cars for sale scene and here are a few of my favourite picks

Practical Classics
Starting with the Seat 600 the car that put Spain on the road, closely followed by the Citroen 2CV, Renault 8 (the widow maker) and the Mini.
All of these practical classics are adored, well cared for and many being sold now have been lovingly restored. Prices seem to hover around 500 for projects and 2.000 up to 8.000 for well looked after and restored cars. some cars are impossible to move, however in another part of the world someone is screaming for one.

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2CV and Spitfire at Can Teulera, Penedes

Seat 600, Spain cherished people's car, 2.000 euros
Mini, 1000, first classic Project of the week
Mini 850, rev it
Autobianchi Primula 65, Time for a cheap rarity
Range Rover, get it out of your system
MG 1300 1970 Here's an example, one of these left me very impressed after a dash up the Dublin mountains

Classic Sports Cars
Further up the classic food chain are convertible coupes; Alfa Romeos, Seat/Fiat 124 sports, MGs and Triumphs sports cars for sale from 5.000 to 10.000 euros.

Renault 15 TL, quirky, a cigarette holder and winklepickers, but rare and clean for 4800
Triumph Stag, the bigger 2 + 2 leather seater, low miles, alloys
Mercedes 450 SL, probably the best 2 seater
BMW 3.0 CSi, prepare the gin tonics for two, low milage rustless wonderbeast
Porsche 928, at 5.800 and 71k kms you will be far away before you notice the money
VW Beetle Karman a pretty ladies car, 1976, 4600
Peugeot 504 coupe, did you call for the young doctor '83, 4000, 17k km, every wanted one, go for it now
Mustang, l', V8, coupe, snout, going for 5,800
Chevrolet Impala SS very las angeles two door sofa, detailed engine bay, cateyed shades optional, 6,000

BMW 635 CSi, more alpine

Mobile Armchairs
Up again and a bit sideways down corporate avenue and you have the legions of Mercedes, Jaguars and DS Citroens that belonged to the business classes and Señoritos.
These change hands for between 3.000 and 15.000. The current costs of fuel are turning these into very well kept bargains, and while consumption may deter from daily use, these will provide very relaxed and elegant weekend transport.

Picks and Picks
Mercedes 220, its white and won´t stop
Rolls Royce Mulsanne, with the turbo, 96,000kms 10.000
Jaguar XJ6 Coupe, perfect, still my favourite 7,500
it is raining Mercs
Mercedes 280 CE, 2,800
Mercedes 250 S Sedan, mucho espacio y muy elegante, 6.000, y otro 8,200
Mercedes 220 D nice fintail project, gold with white , 4,800
Jaguar_420G_the widest drawing room on wheels well above average, and not a worry about its biggest enemy,11,500
BMW 3000 sporting gents steed, guards red 65,000km, 4,000
Opel Kapitan large, cream, white steering wheel, trans atlantic, rare, 3,000
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 68,000km, 6,000. could be too sweet
Mercedes Dormobile LF 508 G, take me away


Most Spanish classics have been kept garaged and buyers will likewise need a parking. In fact most of the reasons for cars for sale is loss of parking and the inevitable pass of time and the grim reaper. Most sales are private as there isn't anything like the network of specialist car dealers or auctions available in England.

4x4 / Country
Landrover has a very special place in the Spanish landscape which is a lot more mountainous than Mary Poppins would have you believe, starting with series 1s and lots of Santanas, 2nd place goes to the
Willy's jeep 6.000
Land Rover SWB 2,100
Mercedes G wagen, 179,000, 4,800
I widened this section to include this
Morris Oxford Estate, space, long, two tone, Pininfarina fins, chrome windows, diesel, great project, useful and rare
Paddy's Classic likes and lusts on facebook
more classic photos

Where to Buy a classic Car in Barcelona

Paddy Mannion has been driving, buying, restoring and selling practical classics in Barcelona for more than 20 years and brings mechanical experience in everything from a Honda 50 to a Porsche 911

If you are interested in advise and practical assistance in buying, insuring, maintaining, parking and selling a classic car or motorbike in Barcelona and Spain you are welcome to contact us
Please call Paddy 687 508 510

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Porsche 911 2003, 114,000k, 25.000 euros

See what's available, or give Paddy Mannion a call with your requirements and lusts at +34 687508510
Yclassicos great selection of cars and projects from all over Spain
AutoScout2 Lots of Classics for sale
MilAnuncios more than 3.500 cars to choose from
Autoocasion 2.000+ cars for less than 4.000 euros 180+ cars in Barcelona

I welcome your feedback

Auctions, what goes round comes round
England is definitely the best place to buy cars at auction for the quantity and quality available.
There are plenty of LHD cars thanks to the weak dollar. Check out previous auction results to get a feel for the price and mix of cars handled by each Auction house.
The majority are reputable and well established.

You will have to include cost of driving or transporting the car and about 1.000 euros for Spanish paperwork.
If you need a specialist in the process of inspection, homolagation and registration of foreign cars in Barcelona, please enquire

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Map of Classic Penedès
Land Rover
Citroen 2CV
Hispano Suiza
BMW boxer
Puch Styer Damlier
NSU 250
BMW 350

25-28 Mayo. MilleMiglia Comitato Orgamzzatore Mille Miglia, Vía Cassala,60 25126 Brescia, Italia Teléfono (00) 39 030 28 00 36 Fax (00) 39 030 48 09

Pere Ventura,
Luis Escarpenter
Paddy Mannion

International Sporting Events and Diary
Dec 5/8
Autoretro Barcelona
Feb 5/9 Salon Rétromobile

Feb 21/23 RaceRetro Coventry
March 26/30
Techno Classica Essen
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June 26/29 Goodwood
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Spanish/Catalan Diary

Loco por el Coche
Feb. 9 CALÇOTADA EN MINIS. Club de Bages
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Club de Bages
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March 2/3
Barcelona Sitges Rally
April 4, 5, 6 Montjuic Revival

April 18 Classic Bicycles Pedals de Clip Sant Marti Sarroca
June 1 Rally del Cava, Prewar and 50s Club de Bages
June 3 Rallye Classic Costa Brava (puntuable para el Interclubs 2000). Teléfono 97261 11 95
June 16 Torrelles - Pontons Hillclimb
June 18 Concentración Nacional de Land-Rover Clásicos en Cabrils (Barcelona).
July 1-2 V Feria Moto-Auto ManIleu en Manlleu (Barcelona). Ayuntamiento de Manlleu Telf. 93 851 50 22 Fax 93 851 50 25
July 15-16 Concentración Cars&Beach en Vilanova i la Geltru.
July 22 Salida Costa Brava Club Porsche Catalunya Telf. 607 63 91 94 Fax 932044280
Oct 5/6 American Car Club Road and Track racing weekend Aeropuerto de La Seu de Urgell

October Ruta del Cava Club de Bages

Autoclub Grupo Rootes España Telf. y Fax 91 41501 29
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