Hi and welcome to Vilafranca and Penedès,
the following are instructions to help you get oriented and on your way into Penedès countryside.

You are renting a bicycle and we hope you have a great time with all the freedom to discover Penedès for yourself but with the normal inconveniences of not having a guide. you may get slightly lost because not all the lanes are well signposted, but this is part of the fun, just stay off the busy main roads, and you will soon find your way again with the help of maps, principal visual reference points, and a little local interaction.

If you would like to prepare your visit in advance you should visit our google maps and links where there is plenty of local information.

Penedès is well connected with secondary roads and hundreds of quiet laneways between the vineyards, so you can travel peacefully. The terrain is easy and rolling at the extreme.

We seriously recommend you avoid heavily used main roads with no shoulder (yellow on map). Yes he said that twice!

From Vilafranca Town into wine country
The train line from Barcelona runs North - South and the Barcelona - Tarragona road runs paralell to it.
You can see the traffic lights and road from Bar Nou Tanins meeting point

you want to go west in the direction of the small towns of Pacs del Penedès, Sant Marti Sarroca and plenty of small and famous wineries

From the train station take the Barcelona road left into the centre of town. There are two traffic lights and intersections. The first leads into the shopping/padestrianised old town and the second at the main square, the Plaça Penedès, in either case turn right and west.

First objective is the Sports area on the west side of town. After you pass the swimming pools you find two paths. Cami de la Bleda and the cami a l'Agricola/Sant Marti Sarroca which is marked by green signs.
Both of these routes will take you west and towards Sant Marti Sarroca.

Remember, Montserrat mountain is in the North, the water tower of la Bleda and la Muntanya mountain are west of Vilafranca

There is no direct, straight route, so for every left take a right and visa versa. We are encouraging the development of Penedès Greenways and better signposting but for now think of Penedès as virgin territory, to be explored and discovered and you are a pioneering adventurer.

Map of Penedès

Route Map: Vilafranca - Pacs - Sant Marti - Torrelles de Foix, 15 km

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Penedès Links

Heading for la Bleda, look out for watertower and keep an eye on that mountain you are going around the right of.
Not Montserrat which should be on your right / north side

Masies la Bleda, they are looking south....... and road sign at laTorre crossroads

Can LLeo on the Serra de Dalt