Bike & Penedes Wine Route Information

Hi and welcome to El Moli Tours bike services.
The following are instructions to help you get oriented and on your way into DO Penedès wine country

You are renting a bicycle and we hope you have a great time with all the freedom to discover Penedès for yourself but with the normal inconveniences of not having a guide.

Please read this information, it will help make a good day a great day

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Signs indicating country lanes and paths

We are encouraging the development of
Penedès Greenways, a lot of work still needs to be done to meet greenway standards. The historic lanes and trade routes are there, hundreds of them, so it can get a little confusing.
In the very near future, there will be dedicated, super safe and well signposted Green walking and cycling paths.

Think of Penedès as virgin territory, to be explored and discovered and you are a pioneering adventurer.
You will soon get a feel for the area with the help of maps, principal visual reference points, and a little local interaction.
There are no direct, straight routes - yet, so we have laid a cookie trail of markings which will help keep you on the right track.

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Start of Cami a la Bleda

Important advice for your safety and pleasure.
Penedes is well connected with secondary roads and hundreds of quiet laneways between vineyards, farmhouses and villages. The terrain is easy, rolling at the the extreme, so you can travel safely and easily.
Stay on the back roads where you can smell the flowers, and enjoy safe quality time.

traffic at l'Agricola!

Unless you are an experienced and properly equipped roadbiker, We strongly discourage main roads.
There is no hard shoulder or margin, inexperienced cyclists will be obstructing traffic and doing the cause of cycling no favours.

The Pilgrim Route
Our recommended route from Vilafranca del Penedes to the quiet villages of Pacs, Sant Marti Sarroca and Torrelles de Foix. 15km

This great route includes wineries, village restaurants, castles, bed & breakfasts and beautiful wine country scenery.
The route runs west out of Vilafranca and forms part of the Pilgrim route to Santes Creus and Poblet.

Collect bike, helmet, maps and water at our welcome centre in Vilafranca train station.

Vilafranca train station

Cycle into and through the historic centre. You will pass the vegetable market,
the Town hall, The Santa Maria Cathederal and Plaza Jaume I.
Vinseum the museum of the history and culture of wine, is a great place to catch up on the 2,500 years of winemaking in Catalunya.
You can enjoy tapas and taste wines from all 11 Catalan wine regions in the
Tavern of Vinseum.
Cal Figuerot, home of the Castellers of Vilafranca is a must see.

Fruit market

You will find plenty of shops and refreshment locations in the historic market town of Vilafranca.

Bodegas Pinord,
Mas Tinell

Casa Joan
Fonda d´én Lluis
Gat Blau
Cal Ton
Cigro d'Or

Hotel accommodation in Vilafranca
Casa Torner i Güell****
Mas Tinell****
Pere III***
Air Penedes***

Follow the Avenida Catalunya to the Zona Deportivo (Sports Grounds) on the west side of Vilafranca. After you pass the swimming pools you will find two paths. Both of these routes will take you west and towards Sant Marti Sarroca.
Cami de la Bleda (path to la Bleda) is the most natural and brings you along the River Foix to Sant Marti Sarroca
Antic Cami a Sant Marti Sarroca (Old path to Sant Marti) is best route to Bodegas Torres, and continues behind Torres along la Serra, past the tennis club, Can Lleo and Hostalets to Sant Marti Sarroca and the Foix valley

Pasted Graphic 3MasiaBleda
Water tower of La Bleda and Masies of la Bleda, Farmhouses are south oriented

Visual orientation.
Look out for our cookie trail of green markings to guide you west and back again.

From the sports area you will see the water tower of la Bleda and la Muntanya mountain with a path around the top.
Sant Marti Sarroca is located to the right and just behind.
To the right and you can see the Foix Valley behind Sant Marti Sarroca
Montserrat mountain is in the North, and the Masia farmhouses face south.


Pacs del Penedes
is a quiet town with lots of wineries.
Follow the quiet Serra de Cavalls road behind Bodegas Torres, past Tennis club and Can LLeo and Hostalets

You will pass the following wineries: It is always best to call them in advance to reserve
Bodegas Torres
Cavas Colet
La Xarmada
Pares Balta

Rural Accommodation
Cal Santi,
El Raco de Pacs

CanLleo2CastellMartiPasted GraphicSantMartiTemple
Landmarks and Castle of Sant Marti Sarroca

Sant Marti Sarroca 10km.
There are abundant bars, cafés, restaurants and picnic locations in and around Sant Marti Sarroca

We recommend
Visit the Castle of Sant Marti Sarroca
Masia Aran
Ca la Katy
Cal Agusti

and wineries
Cava Berdie
Mas Bertran
Romagosa Torne


Rural and town house accommodation
Masia Can Teulera
Cal Salvet

Cal Drango
Cal Tuyà
Cal Ton Cruset
Cal Ton Xaco
Mas Orpi

Torrelles de Foix (The Towers of the River Foix)
3 kms past Sant Marti Sarroca in Torrelles de Foix you will find rural/town accommodation and Bed & Breakfasts.
Follow el Cami a Torrelles from the base of the Castle or la Serra de Dalt towards the Foix Valley, la Berna and Torrelles.

Can Arianella
Can Japet
Ca la Laia
El Castell
Habitacions Sala
Mas Aixola
Cal Ruget Biohotel
Restaurant KM 0 Torrelles
El Moli Bike Centre

la Serra de Dalt

Pontons, a further 7 kms in the direction of Santes Creus
This is a road route and recommended for experienced cyclists

Cavas Xamos
Hotel Rural El Moli
Restaurant el Papa

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