Bicing Penedes, the Pilgrim route

This is just one section of the pilgrim route through Penedes to the Cistercian abbeys of Santes Creus and Poblet in la Conca de Barbera. This scenic route offers a relaxing ride along quiet country lanes. Surfaces will be asphalt and gravel with some rolling country and short climbs. There are lots of wineries along the route and plenty of restaurants in Sant Marti Sarroca and Torrelles de Foix, Return route from Torrelles and Sant Marti to Vilafranca follows another trail of similar characteristics.

Pilgrim Route Vilafranca - Sant Marti Sarroca/Torrelles (via Pacs del Penedes):

the Pilgrim route, 18/36 km

Vilafranca - Torrelles de Foix,part of the route that took travellers to the Cistercian monestaries of Santes Creus (45km) and Poblet (80km)
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Vilafranca del Penedès – Pacs del Penedès – Sant Marti Sarroca 15 km
Sant Marti Sarroca – Torrelles de Foix, 4 km
Torrelles de Foix – Sant Marti Sarroca 5 km
Sant Marti Sarroca – Vilafranca del Penedès 14km

Vilafranca del Penedès, the capital of wine.
Local points of interest include: Saturday farmers market, medieval & modernist historic centre, wine barrel maker, classic merry-go-round, pedestrianised shopping streets, monthly antique markets, human towers/castells champions, Vinseum (wine museum), cathederal of Sant Maria tower and organ, festa major last weekend of August, poultry fair before Christmas, good range of restaurants,

Pacs del Penedès, 3 kms west of Vilafranca.
Points of interest: Typewriter museum and 5 wineries, Bodegas Torres, La Xarmada, Loxarel, Colet, Parés Baltà, Romanesque church and historic centre. One of the restored XV century houses, El Raco, now provides accommodation.
The Roman name suggests Peace,

Sant Marti Sarroca provides us with the spectacular views across Penedès to Montserrat. The castle guarded the pilgrim road from Vilafranca to Santes Creus and Poblet. Points of interest: Castle and Romanesque Church, wineries Balma and Romagosa Torne, 6 restaurants, Cal Diari, Can Lluis, Masia Aran (wild mushrooms),
Cal Agusti (views), Sant Jordi, El Rebost economic

Torrelles de Foix. Points of interest: El Molí former paper mill and olive oil mill, historic part of town, the watering trough/washing area, wild mountain herbs, walk to fountain La Umeda, el Moli bike centre, Restaurant/bars, La Cantonada, La Fassina, Torrens,
Vilafranca del Penedes to Torrelles return via Pacs - Sant Martí Sarroca

Note: On hot days bring swimming gear, there are excellent public swimming-pools Vilafranca, Sant Marti, Torrelles

Wineries: visits can take between 30 – 90 mins, some wineries charge for tour and tastings

x indicates a crossroads or junction
(info) information in commas is for orientation, side routes and options

Vilafranca del Penedès – Pacs del Penedès – Sant Marti Sarroca 15 km
0 Start at Vilafranca del Penedès train station
exit past Restaurant Casa Juana, plaza del Estació
+200mts Trafic lights, Barcelona / Tarragona road
turn left
+100mts 2
nd traffic lightsJunction, (Rambles Nostra Senyora, straight ahead,)
Caixa Penedes offices on right
turn right (after Bang & Olfsen shop)
enter pedestrian street C/Parellada (important white wine variety)
straight on all the way
1 Plaça Constitució
Plaça del Vall del Castell
Pass Italian pasta shop, casal del Festa Major, on right
Take next right turn, just before Plaça Oli, C/ de Sant Pau
Straight down, pass
Cycles Monjos bike shop on left
Go straight on into country,
2 X roads at park and after farmhouse
turn left, aim for gap in mountain
climb 500 mts
3 X top of hill, bear left/straight
descend, pass Pastorman dog shelter
4 X roads (left Torres, right Les Cabanyes, la Granada)
go straight
pass romanic church Sant Genis
cross bridge
Pacs del Penedès
X roads (right,
La Xarmada & Loxarel wineries, Vilobi, left Serra de Dalt, Torres)
Cross/left & right Cami Salinar
+ 50 mts x x roads (right into Pacs old centre,
El Raco del Pacs, Rural Acc.)
go straight
Cavas Colet winery
Pares Balta winery, go around and left, olive tree avenue,
X main Vila / Sant Marti road
go straight/cross dir. Can Lleo
climb 500 mts
7 X
Can Lleo, big house and church, (left Tennis club, Torres)
turn right for Sant Marti Sarroca
go down hill
8 T junction (right for Vilobi)
turn left
cross bridge
9 x roads (right for short route and 1 km climb to Sant Marti)
go straight (best scenic route)
pass old masia and almond orchard on right
9+ x roads, fenced-in new house on right
turn right sign for Sant Marti
10 1
st curve / x roads, blue container and bin
turn left on gravel lane
11 river crossing / ford
turn left into woods
11+ X roads, end of wood
turn right on asfalt road
12 pass warehouses on right, Torres brandy leaves mould on walls
Mas Rabell, Torres private restaurant and experimental vineyards
12+ x roads (straight on for old gravel Roman road to Sant Marti)
turn right & cross bridge, (straight on up hill for
Romagosa Torne Cava)
turn left, alongside river Pontons
views of church and castle of Sant Marti Sarroca
13 pass masia l’Hostal
13+ pass cementary on right, cypress trees
Pass olive mill on left
Sant Marti Sarroca, 6 restaurants, 2 wineries
x (
Balma Cava, micro cava 100 mts, turn right, in rear basement of large modernist mansion)
14 Rambles Sant Marti Sarroca, water gyser,
Ca la Roser café
x roads at end of Rambles, Can Lluis restaurant (turn right for El Centre Bar)
go straight on through town to C/ Castell (road to the castle)
14+ C/ Castell, turn left for Castle
x at first bridge, C/Cases Noves, (+ 20 mts on left
Restaurant Cal Diari)
(turn right for school and swimming pool)
Climb 1 km for Romanesque church and castle, views of Penedes and Montserrat
15 Castle, for visit call guide, Josep, 10.00 – 13.00h, 93 899 16 69

Km Sant Marti Sarroca – Torrelles de Foix, 4 km
0 Start at Castle Sant Marti Sarroca
descend hill
1 x roads in 2
nd last curve, L’Artiga, Cami a Torrelles de Foix
turn left (then right and left)
pass l’Artiga, gorge and holy well behind castle
climb 1 km
2 Romanesque church, Ermita de Sant Joan de Lledó
x roads, (left for climb to Can Grau and Castellvi de la Marca tower)
go straight on
pass municipal garages on left
Farmhouse/ Can Cruset (right to main road)
keep left at fork
3 2 Masias/Crane depot
x roads
turn left on old track behind brick factory
+ 100mts x roads
turn right at Can Morgades
x roads / Recycle centre
go straight on
+50mts fork, (left for mountain bike track to Torrelles, Heliport, Pla de Manlleu)
go straight/bear right on C/Bassons
x roads / C/Raval, main street Torrelles
turn left onto C/Raval
pass church / views of el Molí on left, bar/restaurant under plaza on left
Torrelles de Foix, main square, 4 restaurants/bars, supermarket Montse
el Moli Bike Centre, C/baix, turn left, 93 897 22 07, 687 508 510
Can / Can Coral 2km , turn right, cross main road
path between town/La Fassina bar to Les Dous, barbecue picnics, swimmingpool 2 km

km Torrelles de Foix – Sant Marti Sarroca 5 km ( track 1, via Can Cruset)

km Torrelles de Foix – Sant Marti Sarroca 5 km ( track 2)
0 Start at Caixa Penedes, on main road, Torrelles de Foix
cross main road
leave Torrelles by the old road to Guardiola de Font Rubi,
0.5 cycle around back of the cementary/cypress trees
1 views of Sant Marti Sarroca and castle on your right. Use as reference
2 cycle around La Berna/ large farmhouse, horses, sheep
Continue 100 mts
2+ x roads / Masia Frances (left Mas Aixola casa rural, straight on Guardiola)
turn right
3 go direction of Castle of Sant Marti
Cycle past windmill and donkeys
Cross La Llacuna road at bridge,
Go straight on, stay on lanes
Ignore cul de sac sign, go straight on
4 arrive at
turn right, into new roads, views of castle above town
cycle around and behind sports complex and schools
X C/del Castell.

To Visit Castle, turn right onto
C/del Castell
Views of Penedes to Montserrat, 12C Church and Castle
Visiting hours: 10 – 2 and 15 – 18h Tuesday - Sunday
Road to castle, moderate climb 1 km

X road
C/del Castell and C/Cases Noves,
Straight ahead into C/Cases Noves,
+ 20 mts
Restaurant Cal Diari, Nati, Juan, Sara, bricks & corks
5 pass Municipal offices on left
Rambles and drinking fountain in park on other side of offices.
Enter square/car park

Km Sant Marti Sarroca – Vilafranca del Penedès 14km
0 Start at park and drinking fountain close to Ajuntament Sant Marti Sarroca
Leave park and enter square/car park with castle on right, new appartament building on left
1 pass Posastre mill on right
pass cemetary/cypress trees across vineyard on left
X road, (left to visit cemetery)
Go straight on past Masia El Hostal
x roads/bridge, (left for
Romagosa Torne Cava 100mts)
turn right, cross bridge and bear left/follow road (last views of Sant Marti Castle)
2 pass Mas Rabell, Bodegas Torres private restaurant on left
follow road with hills on your right
x roads (right to La Torre, Castellvi de la Marca, La Munia,)
turn left into woods / alongside stream
T junction, at end of woods
Go straight and cross ford/stream
Past farmhouses, say hello to dogs
Views of La Torre on right
X roads, turn right
4 X roads, turn left direction Vilafranca
cross bridge and climb
at top of climb turn right into gravel road
Can Lleo,large house with church on right

(Serra del Cavall, Bodegas Torres straight on through woods, through housing area)

5 Go around Can Lleo and descent to Main Sant Marti – Vilafranca road
Cross main road and continue straight on through olive trees
Pares Balta winery on left
Follow road
Cavas Colet on left
Stables, masias
Enter Pacs del Penedes

(La Xarmada and Loxarel wineries left)

X road Pacs del Penedes
Dogleg left and right over bridge /straight on
Short climb
+ 400 mts X roads, turn right
+ 400 mts X roads, main Vilafranca – St Marti road , turn left
+ 100 mts X roads, follow gravel lane right beside garden centre (Bodegas Torres turn right)
Vilafranca Swimming pools and sports complex
Straight on follow road
Roundabout, go straight on (11 o’clock)
+ 400 mts Roundabout, turn right and get in lane to turn left
+ 50 mts X road, turn left and climb
go straingt on through 5 junctions crossing main Tarragona – Barcelona street
Roundabout / Amalia Soler street, turn left to train station
Go straight on through 2 sets of traffic lights
Train Station

Train Station Plaça del Estació.
wine shop for Penedès wines and snacks
Bodegas Pinord winery, just behind train station, C/ Doctor Pasteur, 6

Bodegas Pinord, Vilafranca 93 890 30 66
Mascaro, Vilafranca 93 890 16 28
Mas Tinnel, Vilafranca 938 170 586
Bodegas Torres, Pacs 93 817 74 87
La Xarmada, Pacs 93 817 12 37
Caves Colet, Pacs 93 817 08 09
Parés Baltà, Pacs 93 890 13 99
Loxarel, Pacs 93 897 80 01
Romagosa Torne, St Marti 93 899 13 53
Balma, St Marti 616 40 95 16

Cal Ton, Vilafranca 93 890 37 41
Casa Juana, Vilafranca 93 890 31 71
La Fabrica, Vilafranca 93 817 15 38
La Trebbia, Vilafranca 93 817 13 99
Restaurants Vilafranca,
Cal Diari, Sant Marti, eclectic 93 899 13 58
Cal Lluis, Sant Marti 93 899 10 01
Bar Luisos, Sant Marti
Masia Aran, Sant Marti traditional gastronomy 93 899 01 50
Cal Agusti, Sant Marti, traditional, views 93 899 12 03
El Centre, Sant Marti,
Ca la Katy, Sant Marti 93 899 13 26
El Rebost Sant Marti economic 93 899 10 75
Cal Recolons, Sant Marti 93 899 10 20
Torrens, Torrelles church

Masies del Penedès
El Racó, Pacs, Maria 93 817 34 78
Mas Aixola, Torrelles Albert 659514160 Torrelles, Ariane 93 897 15 79
El Castell de Torrelles Montse 664 564 362
Ca la Laia, Torrelles Miguel & Francesca 93 897 12 97, 646 455 455,
Casa Japet Farré, Torrelles Marcel-la 93 897 21 34, 678 96 98 65,
Cal Ruget, Biohotel, Rovira Roja, Florian 93 897 93 42
Cal Peret Parera, Torrelavit, Maria 93 897 92 93